Privilege Membership


1. Login by Facebook/ Email

· By Facebook:

Allow authorization by using Facebook login. Unnecessary to login with password later on.

· By Email:

Required to receive confirmation email and finish by setting up password.

If password was forgotten, you may reset it in “Forget password” on the login page.

2. Member class and benefits

· General member (Permanent)

Qualification:Join member for free.

You may check for shopping bonus, messages, order records, shipment process, etc at any time.Enjoy birthday shopping bonus!

· Loyal member (Permanent)

Qualification: Any purchase over TWD300.

Enjoy shopping points on a periodic basis!

· VIP member (1 year validity)

Qualification:Any purchase over TWD3600 in 6 months.

Enjoy 5% off on any product. Discount could be overlapped if shopping events were available!

· VVIP member (1 year validity)

Qualification:Any purchase over TWD6000 in 6 months.

Enjoy 8% off on any product. Discount could be overlapped if shopping events were available!

Priority of entering BAGCOM Designer Fans page, you may offer advice to our designer team and be informed of new products or any replenishment notice at first! You also enjoy instant delivery service if in urgent needs. Nonetheless, small meetings will be hold on irregular basis among members and designers!

3. If return occurs in order, it is unavailable to accumulate shopping amount of the whole order. Shopping points will be canceled. Cases of product exchange will not be affected.


Further announcements

1. General member qualifications are instantly valid. While other classes will be valid on the other working day after order was paid. If order was cancelled or returned, member qualifications must be reset. Amount of refund base on the amount paid on purchasing day.

2. Shopping points could not be transferred or merged.Points in different accounts could not be merged.

3. Shopping points can only be used on BAGCOM official website and unable to redeem.

4. Any order value below TWD100, or procedures not finished (Shopping>Payment>Shipment),shopping amount for membership will not be accumulated.

5. Shopping points will be returned at instant after cancellation of order. Please notice the validity date.

6. Announcements will be posted on website before 12 hours amendments were made. BAGCOM reserves the right of final decision.

Securing Information

Providing and registration of personal information to BAGCOM is totally voluntary, and afterfully understanding of policy. Incomplete of information may suspends or terminates the registration process. BAGCOM will secure members’ private information at our fullest capability. Information provided will be only used in personal service, marketing and promotion needs.