Bagcom Store @ Huashan Taipei

We have moved! Just diagonally across Huashan 1914 Creative Park.

Address : No.34, Section1, Bade Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei.

Business hour : 11:00~20:00  ( Mon. ~ Sun. All year round)

Bagcom Store @ Shen Ji New Village, Taichung

Visit our first store located at Taichung!

Address : No.4, Alley 2, Lane 368, Minsheng Road, West District, Taichung (Store A8 on official map of Shen Ji New Village)

Business hour : 11:00~19:00 ( Mon. ~ Sun. All year round)


Bagcom & World Vision International

In August 2019, children of T.C.C.( Taiwan Children’s Choir) carried our Mildred backpacks to Malaysia. We were lucky to fund a second backpack for 27 children from underprivileged minorities, who can hardly afford an extra bag like everyone. It is a pleasure to witness their broadening horizon during this overseas performance trip. We hope you could also give a hand to build their confidence, help them proceed a new page to gain a fruitful childhood.

Regarding variations of colors

We certainly understand your eagerness and enthusiasm having received a package you’ve longed for. Variations of colors may exist according to some of our customers. At most of the circumstances, indoor lights are yellowish; some are whiter at fluorescent lamps, brightness of lights can differ under comparison. In addition, slight differences occur on different monitor display. The most suitable way to observe should be outdoor under sufficient sunlight!

Take our Novia Multi Pockets Bag-Green in the image, they were taken under different light circumstances without any editing.

Lights are complicated and can be tricky, you shall know what we’re talking about if you are an expert in photography and design :)

# Please understand before purchase at Bagcom

# Images on website are take under situations most similar to outdoor sunlight

Alternative storing methods

What are the differences of Linen/ Washer nylon/ Mercerized/ Light-fold series?

Let’s watch the video for your references (Large size of Mercerized and Light-fold series were taken as example)

Expectation of capacity

Since our bags were designed to fold and stored, there may be confusion towards size and capacity. It appears a lot smaller right after unfolding, but eventually ‘expands’ if belongings were put inside! Besides, specifications of our products’ size were mentioned on every particular product page. Please read carefully before purchasing.